Access2Employment Job Fair offers job seekers a chance to meet face-to-face with hiring managers and HR professionals

You’ll have the opportunity to make a first impression and personally hand your resume to those who make hiring decisions.


Contact Us: a2e.santacruz@gmail.com

Be prepared for the event:

  • A2E2016_BAY PHOTODress your best, in professional attire
  • Practice your 15 second introductory statement
  • Bring several copies of your current resume, one for each type of job you seek
  • Take advantage of our Free Profile Photos (left) and Resume Reviews, (Below)


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Complimentary Resume Reviews
Bring a copy of your resume.
Come early, slots are limited!

Your resume needs to pass the skim test. Dust off your resume and ask yourself:

  • Can a hiring manager see my main accomplishments within 10 to 15 seconds?
  • Does critical information jump off the page?
  • Is my resume concise in 2 pages or less?


  • Objective: List the Job Post title just as it’s written, tell employers what you can do for them, not what you want from them
  • Limit History: Keep your job history within the last 10 years, include month/year
  • Customize: Only include information relevant to your goal. Target the resume to fit each job description (Yes, this means a new resume for each new job)
  • Paraphrase: Select only key accomplishments with each job listed in your history
  • References? Have current reference list with phone number ready for the interview. Don’t submit unless asked. 
  • Edit, Edit, Edit! Remove unneeded phrases like “responsible for” or “duties include” this doesn’t tell them what you actually did, just what was expected of you
  • Proof Read: Have someone else proofread your resume, spell check doesn’t catch everything!